• Divya Public School is using Edusecure ERP tool which helps in overall growth and monitoring of children.

    1. Students Attendance Detail: Identify the classes for which Attendance has not been marked for the day Easily identify students having low attendance

    2. Transport vs Self Numbers: Keep track of Transport facility utilization offered by your institute.

    3. Visitors Log: Know the reasons why people visited your institute and get their details.

    4. Toppers: Easily identify toppers in your institute.

    5. Staff Attendance Detail: Know your staff attendance details and easily identify staff members who are absent.

    6. Collection Numbers: Stay up-to-date regarding collections received on the day, in the past 5 days, 15 days, 1 month, quarter, 6 month, full year and Y2Y comparison of collections Compare the collection amount received through Online Vs Offline (Chas/Cheque) modes.

    7. Defaulters & Pending Amount Easily identify fee defaulters and know the exact amount pending across different branches in real-time