Message from the President



    Congratulations and good wishes to all the staff members, students, their parents and other employees of the school on the eve of 74th Independence Day. Let us remember and pay our respectful homage to all our countrymen who have sacrificed their lives in the Independence struggle.

    During 74 years of our Independence, we have progressed a great deal on all fronts of life. Our largest democracy has taken deep roots. There have been upheavals in many countries around us who had become independent with us and after us.

    We are on the March. We have covered many miles and many more miles are yet to be covered. We are an independent nation in the comity of nations and shall soon be at the top.

    We are faced with poverty, unemployment, health care and cleanliness. We all will have to work very hard to solve these problems. Religion be subordinated to Nationalism. May God free our country from Covid 19.

    India is first and India is last for us. We should live and die for our country.
    Long Live Bharat.

    Jai Hind



    Divya Educational Society,(Regd.)